About Us

Welcome to Investors Bridge, we are your port of entry into the world of Oman business. Established in 2014 in Muscat as a one stop shop for foreign investors that facilitates the smooth entry of international companies in the Omani market. We also support local SMEs by transforming their ideas into projects, providing solutions to overcome the challenges facing their projects, developing and expanding existing projects in sustainable ways, and advise the structure that works best for the business.

Our identity is that we don’t know the impossible, we have a strong believe that everything is possible for We have a strong believe that everything is possible for our clients if they have confidence in what they do that is why we are the address for organization that are about to close down due to obstacles, a reference for those who do not know how to start their projects, a contributor to the foreign investors to achieve their goals, and value creator in building sustainable initiatives/projects that have a significant impact on the society in the areas such as corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, charity and In Country Value through high level consultancy services. Hence, to keep up with the continuous evolution in the world, we have directed our structure towards the Private and Government sector partnership as a mean to achieve the objectives of our clients, in line with the development of the world. Our headquarters is in Muscat state with the possibility of expansion in the near future.


Reliable reference for any entrepreneur.

Our mission

To provide excellent customer services to our stakeholders and contribute in the achievement of their objectives.